Lerina Aversano is a Researcher at the at RCOST - Research Centre on Software Technology, Department of Engineering, University of Sannio.

Her research interests include business process and information system modelling, evaluation and alignment; workflow management and document management; software reengineering and migration; service-centric software engineering; open source software quality. She is member of IEEE Computer Society, and has served program and organizing committees of conferences and workshops such as, CSMR, CSSE, SAC, ICPC.

Contact Information:

Lerina Aversano
Reserach Centre On Software Technology   
University of Sannio, Via Traiano , 1
82100 Benevento (BN), Italy

email: aversano AT unisannio.it
tel: +39 (0824) 305551
fax: +39 (0824) 50552 272

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