Prof. Keith H. Bennett
Dept of Comp Science,
University. of Durham,UK

Title: Software services and software maintenance

Software services - meaning interoperable components communicating via XML over the web - are being promoted as the next big step forward in software engineering, and major vendors (as well as bodies like the Global Grid Forum) are investing heavily in the technology. It is already starting to have an important impact in the way software is developed and marketed.
Software maintenance and evolution are rarely mentioned, but the technology offers a great potential to help maintenance and offer more maintainable systems.

I have been working in this area since 1998, and I am currently applying service based ideas to medical information systems which certain evolve structurally over time. I shall define and describe service basd software, describe some experiments we have been conducting, and draw some conclusions about the links between software services and maintenance. Finally , one of the major issues for the exploitation of web services is the lack of security, so I'll describe some novel work on secure services that we have done at Durham, based on private information retrieval algorithms.