9th European Conference on Software
Maintenance and Reengineering
March 21 - 23, 2005
The Manchester Conference Centre
Manchester, UK

CSMR 2005

N.B. The start times for each day are not the same – please check the programme carefully.
Lunch and coffee will be served in the Exhibition Lounge

Technical Programme (PDF Vesion)

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Monday 21st March 2005
9:15Plenary Session
Location: MEN Threatre
WelcomeKeith Bennett
9:30Technical Session 1: Evolution
Chair: Tarja Systa
Location: MEN Threatre
Characterizing the Evolution of Class Hierarchies Tudor Girba, Michele Lanzaand and Stephane Ducasse
Performance Prediction based on Knowledge of Prior Product Versions Martin Host and Enrico Johansson
Exploring the Relationship between cumulative change and complexity in an open source system Evolution Capiluppi Andrea, Alvaro Faria and Juan Ramil
11:30Technical Session 2: Tools and Frameworks
Chair: Michele Lanza
Location: MEN Threatre
ADAMS Re-Trace: A Traceability Recovery Tool Andrea De Lucia, Fausto Fasano, Rocco Oliveto and Genoveffa Tortora
An XML-based Framework for Language Neutral Program Representation and Generic Analysis Raihan Al-Ekram and Kostas Kontogiannis
Model Synthesis for Real-Time Systems Joel Huselius and Johan Andersson
11:30Technical Session 3: Information Extraction
Chair: Mariella Tortorella
Location: Conference Room 6
Discovering Unanticipated Dependency schemas in Class Hierarchies Gabriela Arevalo, Stephane Ducasse and Oscar Nierstrasz
Extracting Entity Relationship Diagram from a Table-based Legacy Database Dowming Yeh and Yuwen Li
Tracing of Cross-Cutting Requirements via Context-Based Constraints Felix Buebl and Michael Balser
14:30Technical Session 4: Design
Chair: Andrew Mohan
Location: MEN Threatre
Towards the optimization of automatic detection of design flaws in object-oriented software systems Petru Florin Mihancea and Radu Marinescu
Design Pattern Recovery by Visual Language Parsing Gennaro Costagliola, Andrea De Lucia, Vincenzo Deufemia, Carmine Gravino and Michele Risi
Recovering Behavioural Design Models from Execution Traces Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj, Edna Braun, Daniel Amyot and Timothy Lethbridge
14:30Technical Session 5: Dynamic Analysis
Chair: Thierry Bodhuin
Location: Conference Room 6
Software Clustering based on Dynamic Dependencies Dynamic Analysis Chenchen Xiao and Vassilios Tzerpos
Applying Webmining Techniques to Execution Traces to Support the Program Comprehension Process Andy Zaidman, Toon Calders, Serge Demeyer and Jan Paredaens
A Comparison of Online and Dynamic Impact Analysis Algorithms Ben Breech, Mike Tegtmeyer and Lori Pollock
Tuesday 22nd March 2005
9:00Keynote Address
Location: MEN Threatre
Legacy Applications - a case for restoration ?Nic Holt
10:30Technical Session 6: Program Analysis
Chair: Mark Harman
Location: MEN Threatre
Maintenance and Analysis of Visual Programs - An Industrial Case Mika Karaila and Tarja Systä
Revangie - A source code independent reverse engineering tool for dynamic web sites Dirk Draheim, Christo Lutteroth and Gerald Weber
Conditioned Semantic Slicing via Abstraction and Refinement in FormaT Martin Ward, Hussein Zedan and Tim Hardcastle
10:30Tool Demonstration Session
Chair: Massimiliano Di Penta
Location: Conference Room 6
OOMeter: A Software Quality Assurance Tool Jarallah AlGhamdi, Raimi Rufai and Sohel Khan
Enterprise Information Integration Management System (EII_MS) Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Danilo Caivano and Giuseppe Visaggio
Extracting Software System Model and Performing Impact Analysis Thierry Bodhuin and Maria Tortorella
USCAAB : A Tool For Abstracting Use Case Diagrams Mario Luca, Bernardi Giuseppe and Antonio Di Lucca
13:30Technical Session 7: Migrating Legacy Systems
Chair: Elliot Chikofsky
Location: MEN Threatre
An Incremental Approach to System Replacement and Integration Harry Sneed
Database Wrappers Development: Towards Automatic Generation Philippe Thiran, Jean-Luc Hainaut and Geert-Jan Houben
A Technique for Extracting Keyword Based Rules from a Set of Programs Alpana Dubey, Sanjeev Aggarwal and Pankaj Jalote
13:30Short Paper Session
Chair: Martin Ward
Location: Conference Room 6
Automatic Reengineering in MDA Using Rewriting Logic as Transformation Engine Artur Boronat, José Á. Carsí and Isidro Ramos
Reducing Corrective Maintenance Effort Considering Module's History Maurizio Pighin and Anna Marzona
UML-level analysis and comparison of Web service descriptions Juanjuan Jiang, Juha Lipponen, Petri Selonen and Tarja Systä
Towards the automatic evolution of reengineering tools Massimiliano Di Penta and Kunal Taneja
15:30Technical Session 8: Process
Chair: Philippe Thiran
Location: MEN Threatre
Maintainability of Software Process Models: An Empirical Study Felix Garcia, Mario Piattini, Francisco Ruiz and Corrado A. Visaggio
Introducing an Agile Process in an Evolutionary and Maintenance Software Development Environment Harald Svensson and Martin Höst
A Process Framework and Typology for Software Product Updaters Slinger Jansen, Sjaak Brinkkemper and Gerco Ballintijn
15:30Doctoral Symposium
(Sponsored by the BCS Young Professionals Group)

Chair: Vassilios Tzerpos
Location: Conference Room 6
Clustering data retrieved from Java source code to support software maintenance: A case study Dimitris Rousidis and Christos Tjortjis
Evolution Doctor: a Framework to Control Software System Evolution Massimiliano Di Penta
Dynamic Model Design Recovery and Architecture Abstraction of Object Oriented Software Li Qingshan
Continuous Software Process Improvement through Statistical Process Danilo Caivano
The evolution of SMEs web sites in the UK Fernando Alonso Mendo
Wednesday 23nd March 2005
9:30Keynote Address
Location: MEN Threatre
User-side testing of Web ServicesGerardo Canfora
11:00Technical Session 9: System Assessment
Chair: Giuseppe Di Lucca
Location: MEN Threatre
Identifying Test Conditions for Software Maintenance Srihari Sukumaran and Ashok Sreenivas
Correlating Features and Code Using a Compact Two-sided Trace Analysis Approach Orla Greevy and Stephane Ducasse
Software Modernization Decision Criteria: An Empirical Study Jussi Koskinen, Jarmo Ahonen, Henna Sivula, Tero Tilus and Heikki Lintinen
11:00Technical Session 10: Experience Reports and Empirical Studies
Chair: Christos Tjortjis
Location: Conference Room 6
Does Refactor to Understand Improve Program Comprehension Bart Du Bois, Serge Demeyer and Jan Verelst
Comparing Design Alternatives from Field-Tested Systems Jens Knodel, Thomas Forster and Jean-Francois Girard
Evaluating an Embedded Software Reference Architecture: Industrial Experience Report Bas Graaf, Hylke van Dijk and Arie van Deursen
13:30Technical Session 11: Maintaining Web Applications
Chair: Harry Sneed
Location: MEN Threatre
Recovering Interaction Design Patterns in Web Applications Giuseppe Antonio Di Lucca, Anna Rita Fasolino and Porfirio Tramontana
A preliminary study of the evolution of SMEs websites in the UK Fernando Alonso Mendo and Guy Fitzgerald
Anomaly Detection in Web Applications: A Review of Already Conducted Case Studies Filippo Ricca and Paolo Tonella
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