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Organizing Committee
Steering Commitee
Program Committee
Organizing Committee
General Chair
Gerardo Canfora
RCOST - University of Sannio, Italy
canfora at unisannio.it
Program Co-Chairs
Susan Elliott Sim
Dept. of Informatics - University of California Irvine, USA
ses at ics.uci.edu
Massimiliano Di Penta
RCOST - University of Sannio, Italy
dipenta at unisannio.it
PhD Forum Chair
Hausi Muller
University of Victoria, BC, Canada
hausi at cs.uvic.ca
Workshop Chair
Eugenio Zimeo
RCOST - University of Sannio, Italy
zimeo at unisannio.it
Tool Demonstration Chair
Michele Lanza
University of Lugano, Switzerland
michele.lanza at unisi.ch
Tudor Girba (Demo Co-Chair)
Software Composition Group
University of Bern - Switzerland
girba at iam.unibe.ch
Industrial/Experience Report Chair
René L. Krikhaar
ICT NoviQ & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Netherlands
rene.krikhaar at ict.nl
Finance and Registration Chair
Elliot Chikofsky
Engineering Management & Integration - Burlington, MA, USA
e.chikofsky at computer.org
Publicity Chair, Submission Chair & Webmaster
Damiano Distante
RCOST - University of Sannio, Italy
distante at unisannio.it
Local Arrangements Chair
Lerina Aversano
RCOST - University of Sannio, Italy
aversano at unisannio.it
Last updated on October 05, 2006
Sponsors Research Centre on Software Technology University of Sannio IEEE Computer Society TCSE The Reengineering Forum