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Benevento is a city of the Region of Campania, located 230 Km soth-east of Rome, 80 Km north-east of Naples, and 220 Km north-ovest of Bari. (Map of Campania, Map of Benevento).By plane:

The closest airport to Benevento is Napoli Capodichino (90 Km) which offers connections to the principal European capitals. Taxi service from Napoli Capodichino Airport to Benevento is about 130. As an alternative, you can reach the Napoli Centrale train station by taxi (about 20) or bus, and take a train to Benevento.

If you fly from outside Europe, you may consider flying to the Airport of Rome Fiumicino (250 Km). From the Rome Fiumicino Airport, take a train to Roma Termini (trains every 30 minutes, trip about 30 minutes) and from Roma Termini take a train to Benevento.

For detailed information about the flights' arrival and departure from Naples visit the Capodichino Airport Web site.

For trains from Rome and Naples to Benevento, refer to the following timetables or visit the Trenitalia.com web site.

By train:

Trains to Benevento from Napoli Centrale and from Roma Termini are available regularly. The trip from Napoli Centrale takes about 1.5h and costs about 5 . The trip from Roma Termini takes about 2.5h and costs about 25.

Timetables of trains from Roma Termini to Benevento and from Napoli Centrale to Benevento are provided below and can be downloaded here in pdf or doc version.

It is anyway advisable to consult the Trenitalia.com web site for updated and more complete information on train departures and arrivals. You can also buy train tickets online using the Trenitalia.com web site.

The Bevenento Centrale train station is about 25 minutes walking from the city center of Benevento, but you can use also bus (line 1, 6 and 7) or taxi. Bus tickets can be bought at most of the kiosks and in particular at the kiosk inside the train station. Taxi service from the station to the city center is about 7€.

Trains from Roma Termini to Benevento:

Departure from
Roma Termini
Arrival in
Benevento Centrale
Train category
07:38 10:00 EuroStar Italia
08:52 11:47 EuroStar Italia
13:38 15:57 EuroStar Italia
15:15 18:42 InterCity Sannio
17:16 19:57 (available only on Friday) EuroStar Italia
23:58 03:26 InterCity Notte Tavoliere

Trains from Napoli Centrale to Benevento:

Departure from
Napoli Centrale
Arrival in
Benevento Centrale
Train category
05:45 07:19 FBN - Regionale
06:05 07:51 FS - Regionale
07:11 08:26 FBN - Diretto
08:24 09:46 FBN - Diretto
11:55 13:54 FBN - Diretto
12:03 13:32 FS - Espresso
12:45 14:04 FBN - Regionale
13:55 15:40 FS - Regionale
14:03 15:23 FBN - Diretto
15:06 16:22 FS - Regionale
15:55 17:46 FS - Regionale
15:56 17:22 FBN - Diretto
16:52 18:10 FBN - Diretto
17:55 19:33 FBN - Diretto
18:25 19:44 FS - Regionale
19:58 21:22 FBN - Diretto
20:05 22:02 FS - Regionale
21:11 22:21 FBN - Regionale
By car:

From Milan and Rome: The Highway Del Sole (A1) connects to Naples. We suggest the exit "Caianello" , and than to follow the S.S. 372 "Telesina".

From Naples: the S.S 7 "Appia" connects to Benevento.

Last updated on October 10, 2006
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