The Workshop on Emerging Trends in Software Metrics aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners to discuss the progress of software metrics. The motivation for this workshop is the low impact that software metrics has on current software development. The goals of this workshop are to critically examine the evidence for the effectiveness of existing metrics and to identify new directions for development of software metrics. We are particularly interested in the use of new theories, such as complex network theory, on which to base metrics.

The topics of interest in the discussion include:

  1. - new software metrics to assess quality and effort;

  2. - complex network theory and its application to software structure and growth;

  3. - micro-patterns and other code-style related metrics;

  4. - metrics for agile products, processes and teams;

  5. - measuring information exchange among developers using social networks analysis;

  6. - dynamic tracking of software projects using metrics;

  7. - software architecture metrics, including SOA;

  8. - measuring software success using Web-based metrics;

  9. - measuring documentation, Web sites and other information related to projects;

  10. - metrics-based quality prediction.